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Carlsbad Chiropractic Center uses several different products along with her chiropractic techniques to help reduce pain, reduce inflammation, restructure your alignment and assist in overall health and well being.  Here is a list of some of the products sold in her office:

Biofreeze: Biofreeze is a fast acting all natural pain releiving gel.  It has a vanishing sent and several herbs to help with muscle relaxation and reducing pain. Dr. Stevens applies this to her patients in the area of complaint while she is perform a mild massage.  If you want to buy this product she sells it in her office.  If you want more information please visit their website.


  Ice Packs:  Dr. Stevens believes if you are having pain in your body, something is inflamed.  If you are considering taking a Tylenol or Advil for your pain then you should be using a ice pack on that area.  Ice helps to reduce inflammation in a area naturally, therefore Dr. Stevens reccommends everyone of her patients to own and use a ice pack when in pain.  She sells a flexible blue ice pack in her office.

Metagenics Nutritional Supplements:    Metagenics is a company that strives to have the lastest research and best product on the market.  Dr. Stevens believes in only using a company that she has used herself and acheived excellant results.  Dr. Stevens recommends several of their products to her patients to help with muscle spasms, prevent osteoarthritis and acheive overall great health and nutrition.  Please take a look at their website to see the excellant quality of products she recommends for her patients. 


Orthotics: Dr. Stevens  will examine a person of their first visit and look for postural alterations.  She then will observe the way the patient walks.  If needed she will prescribe and cast her patients for orthotics.  Multiple postural alterations begin in the foot alignment.  If the foot is not correctly supported while you stand, walk, or run this could cause several alterations in your posture causing symptoms such as planatar fascitits, knee pain, hip pain, low back pain, hip unleveling, even headaches.  She cast patient in her office, sends them out to a company called Footlevelers and you will have them within 2 weeks.  For more information about the Footleveler brand orthotics please see their website below.


  Lumbar Cushions/Supports:   Most people this day and age sit in front a computer a majority of there day.  Sitting for any length of time puts the most stress and strain on your lower back and lumbar discs.  Dr. Stevens recommends if you have a desk job to use a lumbar cushion to support the lumbar spine where you need the support while sitting.  This will then lessen the curve in the lumbar area helping to take some of the pressure off your spine and discs.